Computer Center, Labs and ICT services

Computer Services of the Department are mainly involved in support to teaching and research and in the management of network services. Staff also promotes, organizes and manages projects for the modernization and expansion of computer systems and coordinates the policies for development of the departmental computer labs. Users have four computer rooms divided into two areas: the research area (43 workstations) with restricted access, and the teaching area (47 workstations), mainly used for computer practice and to which students can freely access during opening hours.

"Sapienza" and "Matematica" WIFI networks are available from all the computer rooms.

orario Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday, 8:30 - 19:30;  Friday, 9:00 - 19:30.

Phone:       +39 06 4991 3773 /  3261 (offices)
                  +39 06 4991 3255 / 3224  (computer rooms)



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