It is possible to carry out 4-6 month stages at companies as part of the bachelors and master's degree courses. For these stages it is possible to obtain credits (CFU) that can be used to complete the educational training program. These credits correspond in part to the credits foreseen for the item "Other activities" and can not replace the credits foreseen for the curricular courses. It is also possible, within 18 months from the graduation date, to carry out a period of internship at the companies after obtaining the degree (bachelor or master's degree). In this case, evidently, the achievement of credits is not foreseen. The internships are described on the SOUL website ( and are updated continuously with new offers from companies. From January 1st 2011 the CdL no longer deals with the selection of internships and their assignment. These procedures have been delegated to SOUL for all universities in Lazio.

The SOUL consortium among the various universities of Lazio deals with offering students the best job / internship opportunities at companies. SOUL collects the offers from companies and the curriculum from students trying to play a mediator’s role in the job market. It is known that the first step to an employment is often an internship at the company.
Interested students and / or graduates must send their application to SOUL ( to the policy show on the website. Candidates must first register on the SOUL website by downloading their Curriculum Vitae in pdf format (excluding .tex, .doc etc.) including the list of the taken test and the relative grade in addition to all the information deemed useful (who would need it) , can find help to fulfilling their curriculum vitae on Europass Curriculum Vitae). The final selection will be made by the companies that are involved.
Each internship involves the signing of an agreement between the University and the company. The convention is signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences. The convention will also indicate the names of the internship manager (appointed by the company) and the university tutor (appointed by the Area Council). The student will have to update the tutor on the progress of the internship and can contact him for any issue.

If the candidate is enrolled in a degree course, he / she can request recognition of the credits up to the maximum required by the regulation of his degree course (check online).Related to this purpose, the stage activity plan must be sent by e-mail ( evaluation of the CFU is done by a commission that will evaluate the mathematical content of the internship and its consistency with the training plan of the candidate. The achievement of the internship is NOT automatic and it is subject to a brief final report countersigned by the company tutor. 

The stage is not necessarily connected to a refund or payment. In any case, these aspects must be directly dealt with the company and not with the university. Issues relating to working time should also be discussed with the company. Most of the stages are free and (90%) full-time, so they correspond to 8 hours/day in company facilities. Their duration usually is more than 4 months.


  1. Register on the SOUL website (
  2. Apply for one or more stages following the instructions on the site
  3. Then, once selected, the candidate will have to address directly to the Presidency of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences (Mrs. Ranucci,
  4. The tutor is requested by the Presidency of the Faculty at the Stages Commission of the Area Course sending all the necessary information to define the project (start date, theme, duration, company ...). To activate the internship the student must wait for the university tutor assignment.
    The agreement and the assignment of the tutor takes about 2-3 weeks.

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