Master pogramme in Scientific Computing

The Master in Scientific Calculus is a second level short specialisation degree that can be accessed after a 2nd cycle degree course, single cycle degree course or comparable foreign degree. It involves the acquisition of 60 credits.

The course aims to provide a rigorous training in the area of scientific computing with particular reference to the mathematics needed to address and solve problems in various fields of application and the use of methods and tools of modern and advanced calculus. Special attention is also placed in various areas of application, data visualization and the use of scientific libraries, numerical and graphical. The program is aimed at both full-time students and working students, most of the activity taking place in the afternoon hours. The Master provides a title directly expendable in the working world in various areas of rapid development.

The Master is done in partnership with Department of Mathematics, Science Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Cineca (Consortium of universities for calculus), Enea (Italian agency for energy)

Each student is guaranteed an internship of 4-6 months. Partial scholarships and final prizes are available.

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